Health & Safety Training

Lifting Equipment Test Certificate Management

Trent Lifting offer a Lifting Equipment Test Certificate Management service to ensure you are always up to date with the mandatory legislative documentation required to state that your lifting equipment if safe to use. 

Once your lifting equipment has been inspected by Trent Lifting's fully accredited engineers, we provide you with the test certificate to prove that the lifting gear is safe to use.

Our team can help create and deliver written schemes of examinations to develop a lifting gear inspection programme by assessing risk and introducing extended inspection intervals.

We also work with you to develop a system that assists you in keeping up to date with how often your lifting equipment is inspected and when the lifting gear examination is due.  

  • Schedule of Lifting Gear Examinations
  • Reminders that you Lifting Equipment Inpection is due
  • Design Review and Calculations
  • Certification and Inspection
  • Colour Co-ordinated Tagging System
  • Load Testing
  • On-Site Inspection and Testing
  • Lifting Equipment Training

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Trent Lifting is able to carry out full equipment assessments and determine the requirements of each type of equipment. Once this is done, it is possible to implement a complete management control system to track and monitor each item so that its inspection status is known. This system can be tailored to the client's specific requirements and can be augmented by either a computerised database or a manual system. Also, if required, we can implement a tagging system which can be colour coded to suit the client's requirements so that equipment whose inspection is out of date is easily identifiable and can, therefore, be put out of use until the inspection has been completed.